What To Do: Haiti

200,000 dead.  Another 200,000 injured.  1.5 million are homeless that had a place to live before the earth shook.  Two pastors arrived on the scene and were warned by a marine as they stepped onto the now still ground of Haiti, "You are about to see a tragedy of Biblical proportions."  The two pastors, one with the last name of Graham, could easily see the destruction.  Another man with the NYPD who had helped with 9/11 rescue found himself yet again in the wake of tragedy.  He said, "At least with 9/11 you could get away from it.  You could get away from the hole.  Here, there's no escape.  Everything is the hole.  It's like 9/11 on the entire island of Manhatten."  Oh man.  This is not good. 

Here are some things that we can do.  Join me:
Give- Donate cash to people who are already on the ground in Haiti.  Records are being set for giving, but don't let that hinder you from playing a big role in helping the people there.
Serve- Pack meals and other things that can be sent to those affected by the earthquake. 
Go- When appropriate.  It's true, during the early weeks (or montths) of relief, any unskilled workers who show up will consume water, food, housing, and possibly even medical attention.  It's a time for the experts right now.  But, in the months (maybe years) ahead, the government(s) will move on and rescue and relief will move into long-term recovery.  It's then that volunteers will be needed and will be used affecively.  When the "rebuilding" stage arrives, it will be an opportune time for us to fulfill our deep desires to help. 
Pray- Here are some prayer points for what's happening in Haiti:
• Pray for coordination and efficiency in the ongoing recovery efforts.
• Pray for the families as they deal with losing one or multiple family members.
• Pray for the safety of people now living on the streets.
• Pray for hope. A sense of despair can lead to rioting, looting, and further destruction.
• Pray for the families and ministry staff who may live in the Port-au-Prince area- that they would have supernatural strength and and wisdom as they deal with those who are deeply hurting.
• Pray that God would be revealing Himself to the people of Haiti in the tragedy, and that they would see Jesus as their only true hope.

For more information on ways to partner with college students and others to meet the needs in Haiti, visit http://www.uscmhaitirelief.org/.