Tell me what I don't want to hear.

Getting constructive feedback makes me wanna scream like there's a live deer waking up in my backseat. I hate getting feedback because it reminds me that I'm not the hero. It reminds me that I don't do things the way people see fit, and that I don't always represent the way I'd hoped.  But more than I hate feedback, I don't hate growing. In fact, I love growth. It beefs up our souls. And often it's that feedback that leads us to a growth spurt. 

The best kind of feedback is the kind we get in real-time. Great teams do this. They keep short accounts and really value listening to each other. Every now and then, in addition to that real-time input as we collaborate with others, we have a chance to pause and get a more comprehensive view of where we are as people. 

So, are you inviting people to give you feedback? 

If so, that tells us a few things:
1. You're willing to listen.
2. You value other people and how they experience you.
3. You have a certain amount of courage- after all, they might tell you something really ugly.
4. You want to grow more than you want to be applauded.