5 Steps to Amazing

Ever watched an evening of TV and wondered if you could get those two hours back? I have. It happens more often than I'd like to admit.

Things passively enter our lives all the time. Some of them are great. But a lot of the stuff that comes across our path just doesn't do much for us.

Wanna make your summer count?  Here are five steps to see it happen.

Watch something great.  
Don't just default to what's being targeted to you by someone else. Instead, watch what you'd like to see. Something that can add to your life, not take from it. List out 3-5 films, vids, plays, or whatever might inspire you, teach you a part of history, or just make you laugh. Who else might like it? Watch it with them and then be sure to talk about it.

Interact with the best.  
List out the top three people you'd like to meet in your city. Then treat them to coffee or offer to swing by their office. When you sit down with them ask the question, "What do you love about what you do?" It's easier than you think to get 30 minutes with them as long as you show a little persistence and some flexibility on your part. 

See somewhere new. 
Think through some places within a 500 mile radius that you'd like to see.  Sure, we'd all like to sip coffee at the base of the Swiss Alps and take a gander at the real Mona Lisa. But I'll bet there are some sweet spots that aren't all that far away. Make a list, grab a friend, and hit the road. 

Educate yourself.  
Is there a skill to acquire that's not a part of your everyday routine? A hobby to take on? A language to learn? There's more info available than ever these days for the casual or not-so-casual learner. 

Read a book or two.  Or three.  
What 3-5 books do you want to read over the next three months?  Reading a book forces the brain to slow down and take things in. A lot of times I'll get an idea completely off-subject while spending time in a good book-- just because my mind is getting exercise. They're like energy bars for creativity, without the funky aftertaste. Don't just let books sit there, read them... and take a few notes while you're at it.