Jaguars Soccer

Not that anyone is counting (5-year olds aren't supposed to be keeping score according to our Austin league), but we - ahem!- dominated in our opening debut.  Never mind that this first time head coach didn't know what he was doing or that I was overly enthralled by the possiblity of blowing a whistle after each triumphant score.  Never mind that we have only had one practice, or that it was the first time for most of our team to see a goal with nets.  We had a blast.  Yes, it was warm.  Yes, it was an opportunity for me to learn how to run a game in which the coach rolls a new ball  in play every time the ball gets kicked out of bounds.  But, it was a highlight of a great day.  Looking forward to a fun season.  "What's the #1 Jaguar rule?" I keep asking the energetic young ones.  With each time, I get a more confident answer from the team, "Have fun!".  That's right.  And that's what we intend to do.