Fish out of Water

It's my favorite time of year. Cooler weather setting in. School starting for kids and college students. And football season. How could I not love it, coming from 15 years in the wonderful town of Norman, OK. It's another story, being here in Austin. Yes, there is football. But there is so much more in the eyes of its inhabitants. It's just not the same passion, the same feel. Kelly and I had the coversation last night... me- "um, there's a football game this weekend." Kelly- "this weekend?" me- "yes, this weekend."
Wish you were there for that lively exchange, don't you? Anyhow, point being that we don't have the external forces of Sooner signeage, excited students wearing crimson everywhere we turn, and a newspaper with more coverage than you can read in a day. And we miss it. That being said, we'll still be watching, rooting, and flying our OU flag outside in... Austin, TX. Pray for our safety.