Settling, Settling, Ssssssettling.

Wow, this stuff takes longer than I thought. Kelly and I are so thankful to be feeling a little more settled here in Austin, tho. Things are starting to seem more normal. God has prepared us for this time, and we are learning to trust Him in between the organized parts our lives. As far as our moving experience, here are a few things we were prepared for: the drive from Norman, the heat, our kids feeling unsettled resulting in minor chaos, lots and lots of boxes.

Things we weren't prepared for: the drive leaving Norman (more emotinal than we thought), our new next-door neighbor telling us they found Cancer just a few days before (we are able to care for them like we wouldn't have been able to do even six months ago), the heat (wow), our kids feeling unsettled resulting in major chaos, and lots and lots and lots of boxes (you should have seen the pile we left for the gracious sanitation department). Anyhow, we made it. God has prepared a plot of land in a certain city in a certain part of the world... for us to live and learn about His love for us and for the people around us. Cool stuff.

And...role as a Regional Director has gotten off the ground as well.. learning a ton on the fly, but loving it. More to come...