Road Trip

Tomorrow our family will embark on a roadtrip. It's an exciting one, even tho it comes just on the heels of moving to Austin. I mean, seriously, today I found myself driving around looking for a place to vacuum out the car. I thought those were on, like, every corner. Apparently not. Anyhow, we're headed out. And I'm pumped! Our US Staff Conference is the ultimate destination, in Fort Collins, CO. We'll get to reconnect with friends who serve around the US, hear from Tim Keller, and gain insight from our leadership into our direction as a ministry.

Along the way to Ft. Collins, we'll get to spend some time with family. On a sidenote of great celebration... my dear Mom is getting married! Yes, in the foothills of the rockies she'll marry a great man on Sunday afternoon. After watching my mom walk with Christ as a single woman for many years, I'll have the best seat in the house this weekend as the officiant. Quite an honor.
It's been an intersting few weeks. In some ways easier than we thought, in some ways not so much. We are hopeful, energized, and excited- however- because of who we know our God to be... and because we are confident in His voice and call of our lives. Here's to safe travels.