Risk: Birds on a Wire

Birds aren't risky creatures.  Beautiful at times, yes.  Some species have been called inspiring, even majestic.  Gamers have been known to call them angry.  But, big risk takers?  Probably not. 

I'm no scientist, but I've washed my windshield enough to know that there are some rather un-majestic things about birds, too.  If these small creatures could sit somewhere for hours and just sing, they would.  In fact, we've all sat at a red light in that particular intersection to see hundreds, even thousands, of contemplative birds perched overhead.  But, how do they sit on such a powerful current without getting baked like a thanksgiving feast?  How do they sit upon so much electrical potential without being snuffed out in an instant? 

They stay safe. 

A quick study tells us that electricity has to flow from something to something.  An electrical wire has a substantial amount of potential.  But, until the bird becomes a vessel through which a current can flow, they're not in danger.  Danger only happens when they touch more than one wire at the same time or reach over to the flying friend sitting next to them. 

Let me ask- how often do you play it safe and simply rest in that little comfort zone sitting atop a hot wire of opportunity and potential?  I think many of us (myself included) would rather sit, sing, and not risk much of anything.  It's just easier that way, and not much is required of us in that.  But, even good sparks won't fly until you mix it up with others around you, until you reach over to the other wire and engage the person next to you, or push ahead with that idea you've thought about for years.  But, there is inherent risk in doing so.  There are things at stake, and nothing is promised to any of us.

It could mean more work.  It could mean a potential misunderstanding.  It could mean getting you sidetracked or getting the order of your day, your week, your year-- disrupted.  But, without pushing ahead, without reaching over to the other wire and taking a relational or strategic risk... you and I will never know what sort of greatness could happen through your collaborative, idea-exchanging efforts. 

Sure, you might get zapped.  But, you might also tap into something that could bring light to an entire city.