New Door

Last Thursday we purchased a new door. It's a beautiful door. One that will see lots of life with friends, family, kids, and us grown-up types- all going in and out. I hope it's a door that welcomes people and draws them in.

Oh ya, and the door came with a house attached. We like it all... so grateful... knowing that we saw God's hand all over the home and the situation leading up to our ability to purchase it. We're back in Norman now for a couple of weeks, and one of the few things left in our new house is a framed verse from Joshua 24:15. It says, "...as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." After closing on the house, in a simple moment of prayer, our little family of four circled up in the living room to thank God for our home. It was a special time, and one that we will never get back but we'll always have. After praying, we placed the framed Scripture above the fireplace for safekeeping before we arrive with our stuff.

May our front doorway be a place of hope into a home that forever is pursuing the things that matter. The person that matters. Jesus.