Creative Camping

Here is a picture that Logan, my son who is 4, drew for me on Saturday morning while the girls were out of town for the weekend. I had to take a picture before it got erased.

He told me it's a picture of the two of us in our tent. I love it. He knew that we were going to be going camping Saturday night. A burn ban in the nearby camping sites forced us to get creative, however. Sure, cooking hotdogs and roasting marshmellows over a gas grill isn't ideal, but what can I say? We ate well, anyhow. And our tent in the middle of the living room? Not bad at all. We still had the "moon" to look at through our mesh windows... even if it was an unlit light above the fireplace. And the conversation as we drifted off to sleep? Still priceless. Maybe next time we'll actually get to be outdoors. Can't wait.